Hi, I'm Eugene Evgen — Product Designer

Expert in AI, tech, SaaS sectors with a focus on B2B startups and simplification of complex systems.

Latest Startup Experience

  • Product Designer @ Metapraxis

    Feb - Jul 2023 — London, UK
    • Designed a high-fidelity demo for a new web budgeting platform targeting enterprise companies based on 9 different user scenarios and delivered in a two-month timeframe. This initiative resulted in a 50% conversion rate to early adopters, derived from 20 client interviews that provided valuable feedback on user needs, competitor strengths, and market gaps.
  • Product Designer @ Mobius Labs

    Jan - Sep 2022 — Berlin, Germany
    • Enhanced computer vision (AI) SDK demo for B2B creative companies by conducting UX review workshops and sales team interviews, creating industry personas, and redesigning structure and onboarding, leading to a 100% increase in demo usage during the sales process.
    • Implemented a design system utilizing the MUI framework and Figma & Storybook libraries, resulting in almost a 2x increase in design production speed and ensuring consistency in front-end implementation.
  • Product Designer @ BladeInsight

    Jul 2022 - Mar 2023 — Lisbon, Portugal
    • Designed new autonomous drone inspection software for wind turbines, resulting in up to a 34% increase in efficiency for drone operators' tasks. Achieved this by collaborating with drone operators through interviews and feedback, and adhering to sunlight-aware UI principles. Tested and refined in field conditions to optimize performance.


About me

I’m Eugene — a freelance digital product designer with 10+ years of experience. I have a proven track record of simplifying complex platforms into user-centered solutions.

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